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Semi-cooked flour tortilla: These tortillas come partially cooked and requires you to finish the cooking process at home.


We’re always thinking of new products to bring to the market. Like our new chipotle wraps. If you have any ideas or reviews, give us a shout.

Welcome to La Gloria Mexican Foods

What distinguishes La Gloria Tortillas from all others? We make our tortillas the old fashioned way.
Today, just as we did when we first started in 1954, our tortillas are made from scratch with 100% corn.

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The word tortilla, which in Spanish means “small torta“, or “small cake” has been a staple food of Mexico since pre-Columbian times.

According to Maya legend, tortillas were invented by a peasant for his hungry king in ancient times. The first tortillas discovered, which date back to approximately 10,000 BC, were made of native maize with dried kernel. The Aztecs used a lot of maize, both eaten straight from the cob and in recipes. They ground the maize, and used the cornmeal to make a dough called masa.

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Here at La Gloria, we are forever inspired by Los Angeles and our surroundings.
And with that, we are forever creating new product.

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  • Pre-cut Corn Tortilla for Chip

    In White, Green, Red & Blue. Try it today!

  • Yellow Hi-Lime Corn Tortilla

    In two different sizes and 3 different quantities. Try it today!

  • Buñuelo Cinnamon & Sugar 10″

    Ready to make.  Try it today!

  • Flavored Flour Tortillas / Wraps

    Spinach, Pesto, Sun Dried Tomato, Cilantro & Jalapeño.  Try it today!

What our customers are saying about us.

Diane Scalia

“It is a joy and privilege to have LaGloria Foods as part of our East LA Latin Flavors Tour! Our guests from all over the world are enamored with this first tortilla factory in LA, and we are treated by the family and staff like royal VIPs on every visit!

We encourage guests to purchase the best tortillas in town, and even the exquisite Requeson cheese in the deli case. We are so lucky to have this treasure right here in LA. Muchas gracias, LaGloria Foods, we love you!”

Diane ScaliaMelting Pot Food Tours

“A few years ago, I made an impulse buy at the Whole Foods in the Valley on a bag of La Gloria’s Low Carb Tortillas. It was one of the best impulse grocery buys of my life (no joke). These tortillas rocked my world; the most doughey, delicious tortilla you could possibly sink your teeth in to.”

TheresaMakesThingsFood Blogger
Carmen Micheli

“The art of tortilla making is sacred at La Gloria Mexican Foods Corp.”

Amy Scattergood

“The dark yellow hue of these machine-made tortillas had a nice texture and good corn flavor.”

Amy ScattergoodLos Angeles Times