Our mission at La Gloria Mexican Foods is to make tortillas the old-fashioned way and to provide the best quality products and service to our customers around the globe. Our slogan “A Mexican Tradition” has been earned through the over 60 years of service to the Hispanic food industry in which we are highly recognized and respected.

Now in its third generation, La Gloria continues its tradition of producing great tasting, quality tortillas. What distinguishes La Gloria Tortillas from all others? We make our tortillas the old-fashioned way. La Gloria tortillas are made from scratch with 100% corn, the same way we made them when we first opened our doors in 1954. We slow cook our corn and then stone grind it for maximum flavor, always striving to preserve the smell and taste of Mexico. Unlike La Gloria’s traditional method of making tortillas, other tortilla makers eliminate the entire cooking process and simply use corn-flour and water.

We sell a variety of other products including taco and tostada shells, chips, and sopes. Aside from the extensive list of products we produce, we also hold the distinction of being one of the few producers of flour tortillas for buñuelos.

La Gloria’s masa is one of its highest selling products because it too is made from 100% corn, which is essential for the best tasting tamales. We sell both regular and prepared masa. Our plant is equipped to produce very large quantities of masa, and because of our capacity, La Gloria is one of the largest masa suppliers in the Greater Los Angeles area.

La Gloria sells both wholesale and retail. We cater to food service providers, restaurants, markets and distributors. For special orders, La Gloria can customize tortilla sizes, weights, flavors and offer organic and non-preservative products. Private label packaging is also available.

La Gloria invites you to visit our retail store, which is open to the public 7 days a week. In addition to selling La Gloria products, our store sells a variety of specialty Mexican food products, such as cheese, chorizo, spices, and dried chiles.

La Gloria is located in the historic Boyle Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles, home to some of the most well-known Mexican eateries and cultural landmarks in California, which includes La Gloria. We encourage you to stop by and shop at our retail store. On your way home, soak in the art, culture and history of Boyle Heights.