Lotería Grill | Farmer’s Market

La Gloria tortillas are proud to be part of the original Lotería! Grill! Farmers Market location. The Farmers Market location offers a casual outdoor dining experience that’s as fun and laid-back as it is delicious. Grab a seat at the counter or enjoy your meal at a table in the midst of the bustling activity of the Market.

Lotería! Grill offers top notch, authentic Mexican food. One bite of the cochinita pibil, pork slowly roasted in banana leaves, or pollo en pipian rojo, moist chicken in a lusty pumpkin seed-peanut sauce, makes this deliciously clear. Owner Jimmy Shaw, a born-and-raised Mexico City native, became disillusioned with the cheap and Anglicized versions of many popular food staples he’d grown up with. Using recipes he’d culled from his mother’s own hand, he opened up Loteria Grill in one of the many stalls along the interior of Los Angeles’s Farmer’s Market, and by doing do has allowed tens of thousands of patrons to experience the authentic flavors of Mexico.