Holiday Food Tradition

Holiday season is upon us.  For many Hispanic families, Christmastime signifies cold weather, champurrado, and of course—tamales!  For Latinos, tamales are “the” holiday food tradition.  Because so many of our senses are at play when we cook and eat, food and food traditions are associated with some of our most vivid and cherished memories.  On Christmas, it is tradition for many Hispanic families to gather and make their tamales from scratch.

La Gloria’s masa is one of its highest selling products because it too is made from 100% corn, which is essential for the best tasting tamales. La Gloria is a one-stop shop for all of your tamale needs: We sell both regular and prepared masa; dried corn husks; dried coconut; piloncillo (Mexican cane sugar); pineapple; raisins; and a variety of other Mexican seasonings.  Our plant is equipped to produce very large quantities of masa, and because of our capacity, La Gloria is one of the largest masa suppliers in the Greater Los Angeles area.

Here at La Gloria, we are proud to be part of the food traditions for so many of our local Hispanic families. Many of our customers share that they have used La Gloria masa in their Christmas tamale-making for three to four generations now.